From the time when it was built, the church degraded itself, so now it needs renovation, as well as other projects:

  1. Renovation of the parish house;
  2. Repainting the Saint Altar and the whole church interior;
  3. Giving financial help to the children and young students who are in financial trouble;
  4. Replacing the old church windows;
  5. Organizing a charity concert on 18 September 2016 to mark the 80th anniversary of the consecration of the church.

Social projects

Alexandru Mocioni Square nr. 9 (Kuttl)
We established a social canteen which gives hot meals to people in need, funded from:
– church tax from parishioners
– donations
– the voluntary work of our employees and of the Orthodox Women Community

To whom is it addressed?
– to lonely elderly people and to the poor
– to the families with many children

Church shop

It was open in September 2005
One can buy there:
– religious objects;
– theological and cultic books;
– candles;
– icons and religious pictures;
– Christian ornaments.